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Exposed - Larry Stylinson fan fiction

Title: Exposed
Pairings: Harry/Louis
Summary: Twenty four year old Louis Tomlinson gets into an accident and is paralyzed because of it. Losing a best friend and a mother at the scene is not helping him recover from his shock. Support worker Harry Styles is by his side as he helps him through his paralyzation and the shock of losing someone very close. As Louis begins to open up to the world and expose his emotions, do each of them learn their feelings for one another? Could this potentially mend them, or break them?

Chapter 5

Saying Harry was excited was an understatement. He was far more than excited; he was over the moon. Him and Louis had made progress and his new friend - could he call him a friend now? - was slowly opening up and that was a good thing. It made Harry's job easier and they could work on getting Louis better faster.

They spent the next hour getting to know more about each other until Louis' nurse stepped inside and interrupted their conversation about which was better: cats or dogs. 

It was a weird conversation for the two adults to slip in but Louis found it amusing and kept trying to laugh, although it came out as a cough.

The nurse told Harry that Louis needed rest and that Harry should come back tomorrow or in a few hours if he wanted to work with Louis again.

'That's all right,' Harry responded. 'I think Ellie wants to see me now anyway. I promised her I'd read her more of her Harry Potter book.'

'Okay, then,' the nurse said. She turned back to Louis and fixed his pillow for him before muttering, 'Get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a big day for you.'

She left the room.

Louis didn't close his eyes, but he continued to stare at the younger boy in front of him with a tiny smile on his lips.

'See you tomorrow then, Lou,' said Harry as he lifted himself off of the seat.

'See you, Curly,' replied Louis at Harry's retreating back.

Harry reached the door and turned around to find Louis' eyes closed and steady breaths coming out of his still smiling mouth.


As Harry walked up to his apartment door, he thought over the day that had just passed.

He and Louis had fallen into an easy conversation quickly, and his now friend - could he call him a friend? Harry guessed he could, seeing as they'd be spending a very long time together - was obviously growing on him. It hadn't even been two days and there was a tiny bit of Harry already falling for the older boy. Harry had to watch himself - he knew that. He didn't even know if the Doncaster lad was gay so he really did have to control what he did around Louis.

But Louis had asked Harry for his sexuality. Wouldn't that say something?

No, Harry thought, Louis had asked that because he was simply curious.

Besides, Louis had said it for himself: he figured Harry was gay because of his dress sense.

Yeah, Harry really needed to stop over-thinking everything.

He let out a groan as he stepped into his apartment.

'Why the frustrated look and sound?' an Irish voice spoke out from behind the door.

'Holy shit, Niall!' exclaimed Harry. Niall had a nasty habit to frighten Harry any time he could. The blonde haired boy let out a loud laugh and he was suddenly in hysterics, for what reason Harry didn't know.

'Fuck you,' Harry swore at him as the older boy doubled over in laughter, clutching his stomach as he gasped for air.

Harry walked further into the apartment, setting both himself and his briefcase on the couch.

Liam walked in as Niall finally calmed down to grab enough air.

'Hiya, Harry,' Liam said fondly, sitting himself down next to the curly haired boy.

'Hi,' Harry equally responded. Niall sat himself down on the one seat sofa next to the one Harry and Liam shared.

'Good day?'

'Normal,' Harry lied. It was far from normal, if Harry was honest. He really enjoyed having Louis around and he should probably be worried about how easy the two boys got on, but he wasn't.

'Normal?' Liam repeated.

Harry coughed and didn't know he was smiling until Niall pointed it out.

'It wasn't normal!' he shouted out. 'You're smiling! Something happened today.' He paused. 'You didn't shag him, did you?'

Both Liam and Niall's eyes widened at the question the Irish boy asked and Harry had to let out a laugh at their stupidity.

The two boys sat watching the younger boy laugh until he turned as red as a tomato.

'How dumb are you both?' asked Harry after he calmed down. 'I did not shag him, you idiot.'

'Then what happened?' asked the Irish boy.

'We just talked, is all,' Harry responded casually.

'Talking with him makes you smile a few hours after you've left him,' Liam said. 'Nice.'

'Shut up,' Harry retorted. 'It's not like that. It's honestly not like that.'

'Then what's it like?' Niall asked.

'He needs help, and I'm here to help him. He's a good guy to talk to, actually. Better than you lot.' 

Niall laughed at that and Liam even let out a small chuckle. 

'So no feelings towards him, then?' Liam asked, expression so serious that Harry was about to laugh again.

'I don't think that matters,' Harry said, swallowing down the urge to laugh. 'It's besides the point.'

'There is no point,' Niall stated, and Liam nodded in agreement.

'It doesn't matter anyway, okay?' Harry said firmly. 'I'll make dinner.'


Niall usually always went out after they had dinner, meeting up with a few friends of his and they would go for a pint at the pub nearby. However, when the blonde haired boy said he was staying home tonight, that raised Liam and Harry's eyebrows because Niall never turend down the opportunity to get drunk. Niall rolled hus eyes and said that he wanted to spend some time with his roommates - where was the problem in that?

So, the three of them spent the rest of the night watching movies and as Niall brought out two bottles of beer, Harry thought he deserved one tonight and accepted the bottle from Niall.

Harry slept that night dreaming of those cerulean eyes and who they belonged to.


Harry was glad he had only drunk one bottle of beer the night before because he remembered he had another day of working at the clinic and it wouldn't do anyone good if he was supporting a bad hangover.

He groggily woke up the next morning and decided a shower and a good wank would do him good.

And he definitely did not think of a certain Doncaster boy as he came right in the shower.

Liam was in the kitchen, no doubt making breakfast for Niall when he woke up; the Irish boy would most likely be moody and snap at Liam for not cooking him breakfast.

Bidding goodbye to Liam, Harry pulled his briefcase over his shoulder, tucked his phone into his pocket, picked up his car and house keys and walked out of the apartment and toward his car.

He quickly stopped by the cafe he got his order from every day and hopped back in his car, eager to see Louis again. You could say that's weird, but hey, that's Harry.

He walked inside and said hello to Carol before passing her desk and walking into his office.

There was a knock at the door and Paul walked in.

'Morning, Harry,' Paul said. 'You need to start working on getting Louis to walk, mate.'

'Morning, Paul, and I was planning on doing that today,' Harry said, fixing up his desk. 'How is he?'

'Edgy,' Paul replied, 'he keeps complaining and saying he wants to walk around. Poor bloke.'

Harry nodded and Paul turned to leave.

Harry sighed and stood up from his seat, walking down the corridor until he paused in front of Louis' door.

Harry opened the door and walked right in, not even thinking of knocking once. Louis, who had his eyes closed, opened them at the sound of the door closing behind Harry. The Doncaster boy let out a huge sigh of relief.

'Thank fucking god you're finally here!' the older boy spoke. 'I swear, if I don't move from here soon I'm going to murder myself.'

Harry chuckled at the older boy's antics before placing his stuff on the chair beside Louis' arm. 

'I take it you want to start walking today?' Harry asked. 

'Yes I fucking do!' Louis continued to raise his voice.

Harry shook his head fondly at Louis and smiled down on him.

'It'll take a while though, all right? You have to be patient with me, especially,' Harry said.

'I'll do anything just to get out of this fucking bed,' Louis said. 

'All right, calm down a little on the swearing mate, there are young children in this clinic too,' Harry said with a small laugh. 

Louis rolled his eyes but blinked tightly once to show he understood. Harry smiled at him once again before grabbing a wheelchair from the storage cupboard beside the bathroom.

'First I'm going to try and get you in this chair and I'll take you to the room beside this one to get you walking. You won't be allowed to go out in the garden,' Louis groaned but Harry continued, ignoring Louis, 'until you're fully capable of walking without as much help needed from me. We'll do as much as possible today, but believe me when I say this, Louis, knowing you already in just under a week, you'll get frustrated and give up.'

Louis let out a huff of air before muttering to himself, 'I think I can handle it.'

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