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Exposed - Larry Stylinson fan fiction

Title: Exposed
Pairings: Harry/Louis
Summary: Twenty four year old Louis Tomlinson gets into an accident and is paralyzed because of it. Losing a best friend and a mother at the scene is not helping him recover from his shock. Support worker Harry Styles is by his side as he helps him through his paralyzation and the shock of losing someone very close. As Louis begins to open up to the world and expose his emotions, do each of them learn their feelings for one another? Could this potentially mend them, or break them?

Chapter 2

Harry tugged at his hair as he stared at the photograph of Louis Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson.


He said the name a couple more times aloud and the name sounded perfect as it rolled off his tongue.

He wasn’t going to lie, he was nervous for this job. He became so attached to people easily and considering this man that was so close to death needed his help, it didn’t make the job any easier.

He sighed loudly as he packed up the papers on his desk and shoved them messily in his briefcase.

‘Still here?’ a soft voice said from the doorway.

Harry’s head shot up quickly and his gaze fell to the small boy leaning against the doorframe. 

‘Mike?’ Harry said, getting up from his seat behind the desk. 

Before Harry could get close to him, though, the boy walked forwards and sat himself down on one of the seats. He looked up at Harry with his big, green eyes and Harry noticed curiosity circling within them. Harry took this as a sign to sit down opposite of him. 

‘You all right, Mike?’

‘I want to ask you a question,’ Mike said softly.

Harry coughed and nodded, leaning back into his seat. He had a slight feeling knowing where this was heading and that worried him.

‘Go ahead,’ he said.

Mike just stared at him for a few more minutes (although to Harry it seemed like hours) and finally spoke up.

‘Am I going to die?’

Harry’s eyes shot up from where they were stuck on his fingers and locked gazes with the small boy. He opened his mouth to say something but Mike interrupted him.

‘And don’t lie to me. I’m sick of everyone lying to me in this place. Just tell me the truth.’

Harry stared at the boy in front of him for a few more minutes before slowly nodding.

‘Yes,’ he whispered.

A sigh of relief filled the air and Harry’s brows furrowed in confusion.

‘Thank you,’ Mike whispered.

He jumped up from the seat and walked towards the door, his small feet making soft noises as he crossed the wooden floors. Harry continued to stare at the empty seat in front of him, confusion stuck on his face.


Harry turned his head to look at the doorway and spotted Mike smiling up at him.

‘Thank you for telling me the truth, unlike the others,’ he said.

He was just about walk out the door when he turned around again.

‘You’ve been a great support worker; there’s no one else better than you.’

And with that, he walked out the door, leaving Harry to stare at his retreating form.


‘Harry, get in here!’

Harry rolled his eyes as he pushed his chair back and got up, checking the time on his watch.


It was 2:35 in the afternoon and Louis Tomlinson had already arrived. Harry had no doubt that Preston had called him from the other room to introduce him to this Louis Tomlinson man.
And Harry felt jittery.

An hour before Louis had arrived Harry had promised himself not to do anything stupid like make a move. He didn’t want to mess this up before it had already even started. He didn’t even know the guy, so why was he making such a big deal about it all?

Harry sighed as he traipsed down the hallway, smiling at the small kids that were standing beside their nurses.

He entered the room a few doors down from his and immediately spotted Preston by the  bed that occupied a sleeping man.

Louis Tomlinson.

‘Harry, finally,’ Preston sighed out.

‘This him?’ Harry asked. Preston rolled his eyes at Harry’s obvious statement and Harry muttered a quick ‘right’ under his breath. 

‘He’s still asleep, but the nurse said he should be awake in an hour or so,’ Preston began. Harry nodded. ‘Best if you plan out what you’re going to do once he does wake up. What are you planning on doing?’

‘Introduce myself, try to get an introduction out of him, maybe? I think getting to know each other and getting him to feel comfortable around me first would be a great start. Then we’ll see on getting him to move again,’ Harry replied.

‘Excellent,’ Preston said. ‘I’ll leave you to it, then. We’ll be calling you once he wakes up so you can hurry over here and work things out with him.’

With one last glance at Louis and then at Harry, Preston left the room, leaving Harry alone with the nurse that was fixing Louis’ bed spread and the monitors beside him, and the unmoving figure of Louis.

‘Good luck,’ the nurse said to him before quickly walking out the door, closing the door softly behind her.

Harry stood there standing at the very quiet human in front of him.

This is weird, Harry thought to himself.

Sighing, he plonked himself down onto one of the chairs beside the hospital bed and picked up a magazine on the table beside his chair, waiting for the clock to tick five so he could head home.


As Harry walked through his apartment door, he scanned the room to find it exactly how he left it this morning; a right mess. He walked forwards and quickly plonked himself onto the large sofa that was positioned opposite of the television. He picked up the remote and turned on the television, flicking through the channels until he was satisfied with an old cartoon show he used to watch when he was a kid.

There was a loud bang coming from the next room, quickly followed by a, ‘Jesus Christ, Niall!’

Harry groaned; he wasn’t ready for this today. 

He always came home to his roommates bickering with each other; whether it would be as a joke or over Niall spilling coffee, they would begin to argue with each other until one of them snapped completely and they would start to laugh in the end.

That was how it was every day.

Don’t get Harry wrong, he loved his roommates. More than he could love anything, his family aside. He just wanted some peace and quiet for a few hours at the least, just a time where he could gather his thoughts and think things over. Of course, today was not the day as his Irish roommate came barging into the TV room, plonking himself down onto Harry’s long legs.

‘What is it this time?’ Harry asked the frustrated boy in front of him.

‘Liam’s being an ass,’ he replied in his thick accent.

‘He’s always an ass to you, isn’t he?’ Harry asked, a small smile creeping up on his lips.

‘Oh, bugger off, Harry,’ another voice spoke. 

Harry looked up from his position on the couch and grinned at Liam’s red face.

‘What the hell do you two get up to when I’m at work?’ he asked.

‘Fuck off,’ Niall muttered.

Harry laughed loudly.

‘Missing your swearing, mate. Where’d it ever go?’ Harry said, pushing Niall off of his legs so he could get up and grab a glass of water.

‘How was today?’ Liam asked, following him into the kitchen.

‘Why do you always ask about my job?’ Harry replied instead, grabbing a glass from the cupboard above the sink and quickly filling it with tap water.

‘Because I find your job quite interesting and I’d like to know,’ Liam simply replied.

Harry rolled his eyes as he sculled down his glass.

‘Good,’ he replied, putting the glass into the sink. ‘New patient.’

‘Really?’ Liam asked, eyebrows arched.

Harry nodded.


‘What’s their condition?’

‘Was in a car accident and paralyzed. Almost didn’t make it, from what I’ve heard. Mother at the scene,’ Harry replied, shrugging his shoulders.

‘Wow, that’s bad,’ Liam said with a long sigh.

Harry chuckled, although half-heartedly.

‘You think?’

‘Male, right?’ Liam asked, eyeing Harry as the younger boy walked back into the living room where Niall was watching the television with his full attention.

Liam and Niall had known about Harry’s sexuality a few weeks after they had became friends. Luckily for Harry, they weren’t against gays and had approved of Harry being gay and they treated him as normal as ever. Although, Harry remembers quite clearly Niall saying, ‘If you do make a move onto me though, I’ll fucking kick your ass.’ 

Harry was very grateful to have the friends he had. He wouldn’t know what to do if they were homophobic and showed it. 

‘Yeah, he’s a male,’ Harry replied, seating himself beside the blonde haired lad.

‘What’re you talking about?’ Niall said, eyes still firm on the TV set.

‘Harry’s new patient,’ Liam replied.

‘What about him?’

‘He’s a male.’


‘Don’t you know Harry?’

‘You think he wants to fuck every guy he lays eyes on? Wow, great mate you are, Li.’

Harry rolled his eyes and quickly removed himself from the room so he could get changed into something a little more comfortable, and so he could get away from the bickers between Liam and Niall.

Liam was slightly shorter than Harry was. He had very tiny, brown curls that matched his eye colour and it was usually a mess most of the time, unless he put a bit of effort into it, which he almost never did. He was in a band with a few of his mates, and although they had only done a few gigs at a couple of parks nearby their apartment, Harry thought they sounded amazing. Harry always knew Liam’s future involved something with singing and touring, because it was Liam, and that’s who Liam was.

Niall was a whole different story. He used to have brown hair, but began it dyeing blonde when he was twelve, according to Harry’s memory of the night they shared each other’s stories. Harry didn’t know why Niall bothered dyeing his hair a different colour; he thought that brown hair would suit the Irish boy. Niall’s eyes were a blue like no other; they showed a lot of mirth and mystery and adventure, which described Niall perfectly. The boy always loved going to pubs with a few of his outside mates because Harry was never into getting drunk a lot and Liam couldn’t get drunk due to his one kidney. Niall was currently working at the café Harry always went to in the mornings, but the boy didn’t like the job much so he hardly made any attempt of showing up at his shifts.

Nonetheless, Niall was a great catch and you couldn’t help but fall into a great friendship with him.

Liam calling his name snapped Harry out of his thoughts and back into reality.

‘Harry!’ Liam called again.

‘What is it?’ Harry responded back, poking his head outside of his door.

‘It’s your phone, you idiot,’ Liam said, crossing the living room until he stood in front of Harry, arm outstretched. 

Harry muttered a quick thanks to Liam before snatching the phone out of the older boy’s hand and closing the door in his face.

As much as he loved his mates, he did also love his own privacy.

Harry unlocked his phone and answered the call, seeing ‘Preston’ flash right before his eyes.

‘Hello?’ Harry said into the line.

‘Harry,’ came Preston’s deep voice. ‘He’s awake.’

Summary: Twenty four year old Louis Tomlinson gets into an accident and is paralyzed because of it. Losing a best friend and a mother at the scene is not helping him recover from his shock. Support worker Harry Styles is by his side as he helps him through his paralyzation and the shock of losing someone very close. As Louis begins to open up to the world and expose his emotions, do each of them learn their feelings for one another? Could this potentially mend them, or break them? 

Tags: fan fiction, harry styles, larry stylinson, louis tomlinson, one direction, one direction fan fiction, slash fan fiction
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