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Exposed - Larry Stylinson fan fiction

Title: Exposed
Pairings: Harry/Louis
Summary: Twenty four year old Louis Tomlinson gets into an accident and is paralyzed because of it. Losing a best friend and a mother at the scene is not helping him recover from his shock. Support worker Harry Styles is by his side as he helps him through his paralyzation and the shock of losing someone very close. As Louis begins to open up to the world and expose his emotions, do each of them learn their feelings for one another? Could this potentially mend them, or break them?

Chapter 1

‘Louis, don’t drive so fast!’

The road was pretty clear for a Sunday night. Louis Tomlinson and his mum were on their way home from a music festival that was held on the far side of London. They were both glad that it hadn’t been raining, or else the trip back home would be long and very tiring.

‘Mum, I’m driving forty five on a fifty zone. That’s not much! Just calm down, we’ll be home soon. Okay?’ Louis said, shooting his mother a grin and a side glance. His mum sighed but nodded, leaning back into the passenger seat.

‘Enjoy the festival?’ she asked after a few minutes of silence.

‘You bet!’ Louis replied enthusiastically, putting his blinker on to turn on the right lane. ‘I was thinking ... you know how much I love music, right? Yeah, well, I was thinking that I’d audition -’

But before Louis could continue his sentence, the car suddenly swerved to the left and Louis had no control over the steering wheel. All he could think about was trying to get the car on the road again and have control over it, but the car wasn’t helping as it swerved closer and closer to the side. Louis could make out a very large tree ahead of them, and the last thing he heard was his mother’s loud shriek before the darkness engulfed around him.

‘The car was found crushed really badly into a tree that was on the side of the road that led to the town. Can’t have been a drunk driver that caused this; we checked the driver’s car and someone had definitely been meddling with the gear. The driver is in the hospital now, under intensive care. They’re trying their best to help the man recover, although it’s not looking too good right now. They’re hoping, though.’

‘Any other passengers with him?’

‘A woman. Must have been his mum, they look alike.’

‘What happened to her?’

‘Died at scene. Once she was brought into the hospital, her heart had already stopped and they couldn’t do anything about it.’

‘Jesus, that’s unlucky. What do you plan on doing?’

‘They’re going to see if he wakes up first, and then they’re planning on taking him to a support worker in that clinic across the street. Think his name is Harry. Yeah, Harry something. He’s supposedly good.’

‘I’d say.’


Harry walked across the road and stopped at the small café that he always got his cappuccino from. As he walked through the door, the woman behind the counter immediately recognised him and grinned at him over the magazine that was lazily plonked on the counter. She was leaning over the counter a little, giving any man access to look down her blouse that was ridden down a little. Harry shook his head and smiled fondly, walking up to her.

‘Hey, Harry!’ she greeted, smiling wildly at him. 

‘Hello, May,’ Harry responded. ‘Good shift today?’

‘Shit shift,’ she said and Harry chuckled. ‘As you can see, the place is filled this morning!’ She made gestures with her hands and they flew around the room, showing Harry that the café was empty.

‘Loving your humour,’ he said.

‘Thanks!’ She grinned and Harry chuckled again. ‘So, same order?’

‘You bet. But this time, put some chocolate powder on the top, I’m not too keen on the coffee,’ he replied, rummaging in his coat pocket for his wallet.

‘You’re such a girl,’ she said, but laughed as she walked away from him and went into the other room to start making his order.

May was the same age he was. They had become really close friends when May accidentally spilled a cup of cappuccino all over him, quickly making him a new one and saying, ‘This one is on the house!’ 

It was clear to him that she found interest in him, so after a few days of them being friends, he told her that he was in fact not interested in woman but in men. She took it by surprise, but said she didn’t mind having a gay friend and Harry was immediately glad she wasn’t homophobic. There was always at least one person you came across that didn’t like homosexuals.

May was short for her age, but her posture was good and she had a great body. Her eyes were a hazel nut colour, brought out by the amount of eye liner she wore. Her hair was brown but dip dyed a blonde colour at the tips of her hair and she was very attractive.

She returned with Harry’s order with another smile on her face. Harry just laughed at her and paid her the right amount of money.

‘Catch up with you soon, May!’ he said as he turned around and walked for the door.

‘Tell Niall to call me!’ she called at his retreating form. Harry turned around to laugh at her, his eyes squinting shut and his two dimples on full display.

Harry still had the smile on his face as he walked through the clinic doors, taking a small sip out of his foam cup. He walked down the hallway until he reached the door that read “Harry Styles - Support Worker”. He grinned at the label on the door before unlocking it with the keys he had in his hand. He left the door open because he knew that Carol would be in to inform him about any information that concerned his patients.

Just as he predicted, Carol came walking in, wearing a tight black skirt and a white blouse, her hair tied up in a nice ponytail. 

‘Morning, Carol,’ Harry said, immediately lifting the lid of his laptop and starting it up.

‘Morning, Harry,’ she responded. Harry smiled in appreciation that she used his first name today. ‘Paul wants to talk to you about Mike first up, and then they’re going to discuss the new patient that I told you about yesterday. He’ll be coming in at around noon, so you’ve got to make the talk with Paul short. After you’re informed about the patient, you’re going to have to set up his room with Preston and Steve. Also, Sarah’s arm has been hurting for a while and she’s been complaining about it. Lily wants you to finish reading Harry Potter with her before you leave tonight, she asked me to remind you. Sound good?’

‘Jesus, Carol. How’d you remember all that?’ he asked, brows raised. Carol blushed and Harry smiled at her. ‘But yeah, that sounds good. What room is Paul in?’

‘The interview room on the third floor,’ Carol said, fixing the bottom of her skirt before walking out. ‘And Ellie says she wants to speak to you!’

Harry laughed at the last line. Ellie was his seven year old patient that suffered from a broken arm and leg. They had become close after Harry volunteered to read her her favourite fantasy book, The Velveteen Rabbit.

Harry walked towards the elevator and clicked the up arrow and waited for the elevator to make a pinging sound, before walking in and clicking the number three.

When the elevator doors reopened, Harry walked out and made sure to whistle loudly so Ellie could hear him.

Sure enough, when he past by her room, the young girl poked her head out and called out Harry’s name. Harry spun around and grinned at her tiny head bobbing up and down in the doorway. 

‘How’s young Ellie this morning?’ he asked as he approached her.

‘I’m not that young! I’m eight years old in a few weeks and mummy says that’s old,’ she replied cutely. Harry just chuckled and reached forwards to give her a hug and a small kiss on top of her head.

‘I’ve got to have an interview now, but I’ll see you around soon, yeah?’ Harry said, giving her cheek a small pat.

‘Sure! Bye, Harry,’ she said. Harry smiled at her once before turning around and making his way back to the interview room where Paul was waiting for him. 


Harry groaned as he left the interview room forty five minutes later. The part he hated most about his job was hearing that one of his patients wasn’t going to make it. Harry sighed as he made his way back to the elevator that took him back down to his office.  

Just as he was about to open his door, someone had called for his name and he turned around to be greeted with one of the workers, Preston.

‘Harry, we’re waiting for you! Come on, the man is going to be here in under an hour and we have to set everything up,’ Preston called. 

‘All right, mate, let me grab my cappuccino,’ Harry called. Preston rolled his eyes but didn’t say anything about the matter. Instead, he walked back into the room that he had came out of.

Harry quickly grabbed his drink and briefcase and closed the lid of his laptop so he could tuck it under his arm and then walked out of his office, making his way to the door Preston had just walked in.

He was greeted with friendly pats on the back as he sat down between Preston and Steve.

‘Okay, so what’re we doing?’ he finally asked when everyone calmed down.

‘I’m sure you know about the man’s situation?’ Preston asked Harry. 

Harry nodded.

‘Everything about him is in this file,’ Preston continued, passing Harry a folder that had the number “155204” on the front of it. Harry opened the file as Preston continued to talk. ‘Go through the file for a for minutes before we discuss what we’re going to do.’

Harry nodded and picked up the folder, flipping it open to the first page where there was a picture of the man. Harry tried not to smile at the delicate features of the man before him. The man had cerulean blue eyes that lit up in amusement; his hair was a light brown and swept to the right side of his forehead; his lips tilted into a smile as he stared directly at the camera.

Turning to the next page, Harry took a sip from his cappuccino and read:

Name: Louis William Tomlinson

Age: 24

Date of Birth: 24th December, 1991

Place of birth: Doncaster, England, moved to London in 2008

Family: Four sisters, parents split up when he was 4. Mother died at scene. Eldest sister in college, other three on vacation with grandparents

Location of accident: On the road leading to the town of London. Car found smashed into a tree

Condition: Not holding up well. Went into cardiac arrest three times last night. Heart almost stopped working. In shock. Paralyzed

Harry gulped. This was going to be harder than he thought. For one thing, Harry became emotionally attached with people sometimes and seeing as Harry was gay, that didn’t make the situation any better. Harry just had to promise himself not to do anything stupid like falling in love with this man. Harry could do that.

Could he really?

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