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Exposed - Larry Stylinson fan fiction

Title: Exposed
Pairings: Harry/Louis
Summary: Twenty four year old Louis Tomlinson gets into an accident and is paralyzed because of it. Losing a best friend and a mother at the scene is not helping him recover from his shock. Support worker Harry Styles is by his side as he helps him through his paralyzation and the shock of losing someone very close. As Louis begins to open up to the world and expose his emotions, do each of them learn their feelings for one another? Could this potentially mend them, or break them?

Chapter 4

Harry grinned. He couldn't help but do so because Louis had spoken and, oh, god, Louis’ voice was not what Harry expected. It was high pitched but had such a sweet touch to it that made Harry's insides churn. Harry wanted Louis to keep talking so he could figure out what exactly made his heart to beat faster. 

He was also grinning because he made progress with Louis and he got Louis to talk and to say at least one thing about himself. He was determined to know more and more about the older man.

‘So, singing, huh?’ Harry asked when he found his voice. ‘Any experience with it?’

‘I was in a band when I was in school, with a few of my mates,’ Louis said. ‘Dunno if we were any good.’ He tried to laugh but it sounded like a cough and a laugh in between.

‘You all right?’ Harry asked, concern washing over him as he removed his arm that was leaning right next to Louis’. 

‘Yeah, it just feels ... weird,’ Louis replied honestly.

‘We'll work on that soon, okay?’ Harry asked. Louis closed his eyes and opened them again to show he was nodding.

‘I'd like to know more about you, if that's okay,’ Harry said softly.

Louis let out a sigh.

‘Okay,’ he said. ‘Hello, I'm Louis Tomlinson and I'm twenty four years old.’ Harry rolled his eyes but didn't say anything. ‘I grew up in Doncaster with four younger sisters who were such a hassle and as me being the only boy and the oldest in the family, I was used to dress up and put on shows for them and drink fake tea that my younger sister Phoebe had made so perfectly.’ He smiled as he remembered. ‘My parents got divorced a few years after the twins were born - did I mention Phoebe was a twin? - and my mum sort of went downhill after that. I realised that I had to take up a huge responsibility and had to take good care of both my younger sisters and my mum.’ He stopped there and took a shaky sigh and that's when Harry realised his eyes were filling up with tears. He was going to stop him from going any further because he knew what this did to people; when they had just lost someone very close to them and talked about them to get better, it would affect them and bring memories back of that night.

Harry quickly got up and shuffled over to Louis and put a strong arm around the older boy's shoulders, being gentle with him. 

‘Shh,’ Harry comforted softly. ‘Shh, Louis, stop talking.’

Louis did just that, but his sobs were getting louder and louder by the minute.

‘Shh, Louis,’ Harry comforted once more. ‘Shh. That's enough for today, all right? Go to sleep if you want. Shh, stop crying.’

‘I'm s-sorry,’ Louis stammered after his sobs subsided a little. 

‘Why on earth are you sorry?’ Harry asked, pulling back a little to observe Louis’ face. It was wet and his eyes were glistening with water.

‘Because I'm such a shit patient and I'm breaking down which isn't helping me get better and I'm just a shit, shit, shit patient,’ Louis confessed, sobs beginning to rack out of his body once again.

‘Hey! You're not a shit patient! This is good for you. This helps you get better. You need to let this all out and that's a good thing that you are. Don't say that about yourself, Louis, honestly. This is good for you and believe it or not, you're getting better already,’ Harry said, pushing Louis’ fringe out of his eyes.

Louis’ eyes looked upwards so he could gaze at Harry and he sniffed softly.

‘I understand now why you're people’s favourites,’ he said quietly.

‘I do my best,’ Harry said with a soft chuckle.

Louis rolled his eyes.

‘You just saw me cry and now you're acting cocky? Nice going,’ he said sarcastically.

It was Harry's turn to roll his eyes. 

‘What do you want to do now? Want to sleep or eat or keep talking or what?’ Harry asked.

‘Can I know more about you?’

Harry was silent for a few minutes but nodded slowly, getting up again and walking back to the seat beside the hospital bed.

‘If you want, but I'm not that interesting.’

‘I doubt that,’ Louis muttered. He probably intended for Harry not to hear but Harry did an the younger boy's heart was hammering faster in his ribcage than it did an hour ago. 

‘I’m Harry Styles and I live in an apartment with my two roommates. They're all right roommates; they always squabble with each other which gets me annoyed every day, but they’re good mates. One of them loves getting drunk, so if you're that type, you can go to him and you'll both be at a pub in minutes. I swear, he knows every single pub in London because everyday he announces he's going to a new one. No idea how the kid does it, I'd probably be dead by how much alcohol I would've consumed.

‘My other mate is great; he looks out for us too much which gets concerning because he's not exactly our guardians. But it's good to have someone to look out for you most of the time. He's like me; he doesn't like getting drunk, so he's a good person to go to when Niall's out partying. Oh did I mention, their names are Niall and Liam.’

‘They sound like good people,’ Louis said, eyes roaming Harry's face as he spoke. The younger boy's eyebrows furrowed together when he talked, forming lines on his forehead. His voice was deep and husky and Louis loved that about Harry. Even though he wanted to tell him to hurry up and talk faster - because, oh, boy, he talked very slowly - he wouldn't mind listening to that voice everyday.

‘Get on their bad side and you won't be saying that,’ Harry said with a laugh. ‘Anyway, yeah, they're good people. They're reliable.

‘I first started working at this job a few years ago when I was low on cash. I dunno what made me do it, but I saw they needed support workers and I thought, “Why not give this a go?” I had a few practices when I was in school and helped out the nurses when a kid came in injured and it made me happier to see smiles on their faces when they left the room feeling better, so I applied. I'm grateful I did, I love my job. 

‘One thing you should know about me is that I absolutely love music. I love it. I've probably been to a few music festivals in the past few years and they're brilliant. There's one coming up this year, in Leeds, and I know it's going to be great because Leeds hold the best music festivals in the world. Maybe I could take you, when you're better.’

Harry didn't know why he said the last part but he did and he instantly regretted it when Louis’ eyes turned a very dark blue. Harry had forgotten that Louis was in an accident coming back from a music festival, which was strange for him to forget, seeing as he remembered everything about his patients. Maybe it was those blue eyes, they caught him off guard whenever their gazes locked.

Harry shook those thoughts out of his head. Why was he thinking like this?

Louis stayed silent, and his eyes stayed a dark shade of blue.


Louis’ eyes turned back to the cerulean blue that Harry loved at the nickname.

‘Lou?’ Louis asked.

‘S-sorry,’ Harry stuttered, but Louis cut him short.

‘I like it,’ he said. His eyes were smiling, Harry noticed, and that made the younger boy relieved, ‘Curly.’

‘Curly? Really?’ Harry asked, a smile creeping up on his face.

‘Hey, you've got a lot of curls!’ the older boy cried.

‘Well, you're the first to call me that, so be proud,’ Harry said with a chuckle.

‘Oh, I'm proud, all right.’

‘So, anything else you wanna know about me?’ Harry said, quickly turning back to what they were doing earlier.

‘Uh ... Yeah. How old are you?’

‘Twenty one,’ Harry replied truthfully.

‘Jesus, you look older!’ Louis exclaimed, causing the younger boy to laugh loudly.

Louis loved the sound of Harry's laugh.

‘Now you're not the first to say that,’ said Harry. ‘Anything else?’

‘Hm ...’ Louis thought. ‘If you - uh - don't mind me asking, what's your sexuality?’

Harry should have guessed that this question would be coming up any time soon, but he didn't, and it caught him off guard. He wasn't ashamed to call himself gay, but there would always be people out there that didn't approve of homosexuals and he feared Louis might be one of those people. But Louis had asked this question, so Harry guessed that Louis wasn't and he was grateful.

‘G-gay. I'm gay,’ Harry stuttered after he found his voice.

Louis was silent.

‘I figured,’ he said. ‘I mean, what kind of straight guy dresses like that!’

His eyes roamed over Harry's clothes and the curly haired lad blushed because Louis was checking him out. 

‘I have good dress sense, I guess,’ Harry said. 

‘Because you're gay.’

Harry shot him a glare.

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