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Exposed - Larry Stylinson fan fiction

Title: Exposed
Pairings: Harry/Louis
Summary: Twenty four year old Louis Tomlinson gets into an accident and is paralyzed because of it. Losing a best friend and a mother at the scene is not helping him recover from his shock. Support worker Harry Styles is by his side as he helps him through his paralyzation and the shock of losing someone very close. As Louis begins to open up to the world and expose his emotions, do each of them learn their feelings for one another? Could this potentially mend them, or break them?

Chapter 3

Harry walked through the clinic doors, smiling kindly but quickly at an old patient that was about to walk out into the garden with her support worker, and then quickly hurried down to the room Preston and the now awake Louis Tomlinson would be.

He felt excited and nervous, which were strange feelings to feel at the same time. 

Harry had doubts about his work most of the time. He sometimes feared that he wouldn’t do a great job at helping his patients recover, and he hated that feeling the most. The one thing he loved doing was help people, and if that didn’t work, he didn’t know what else could make him happier.

Harry entered the room and all eyes immediately fell on him.

All except a pair.

They belonged to Louis Tomlinson.

Harry observed the older man’s actions, although he didn’t do much because he couldn’t move. However, his eyes kept flicking around the room, finally setting on a painting that was hung up on the wall right beside the doorway Harry was leaning on. Harry noted just how afraid Louis seemed to be here. Harry didn’t think Louis knew why he was here, and it was Harry’s job to tell him everything. It was a tough job.

‘Louis,’ Preston said once Harry came closer to the hospital bed, ‘this is Harry Styles. He’s going to be helping you for a few months and then you can leave here. The nurse is going to be in this room for a few more minutes, and after that you two can talk about each other. Is that okay, Louis?’

Louis didn’t respond, but his eyes flickered over to Preston once, then to Harry, back at Preston again before looking back at the painting. 

Preston seemed to think that Louis understood because he nodded once before clapping Harry firmly on the back and leaving the room.

‘Harry,’ Preston said and Harry turned around to face him, ‘my office is just down the corner. If anything happens,’ his eyes flickered to Louis who was now looking down at his unmoving hands on the bed, ‘come straight to me.’

Harry nodded before Preston left the room again.

It was just Harry, Louis and the nurse (Harry had picked up her name early this morning, which was Lyla) in the room, but the nurse didn’t stay for long. She only arranged the water pumps by Louis’ head and then gave Harry a sweet smile before leaving the room again. 

Harry cleared his throat once, immediately getting attention from the boy in front of him. 

His eyes looked lost.

They didn’t look like they were in the moment. Even when they stared right into Harry’s green eyes, they didn’t look alive.

They looked dead.

Harry coughed again, settling himself down onto the seat right beside Louis’ left hand. 

‘Hi, Louis,’ he said.

Louis’ eyes followed Harry’s movements, leaving them staring at Harry’s lips as Harry talked. 

‘I’m Harry Styles,’ Harry said. Harry figured this would be a good way to start, just by introducing himself to Louis and maybe getting a few words out of the paralyzed boy.

Of course, Harry knew that it would be hard, considering Louis was in severe shock still.

But Harry was hoping that an introduction from Louis would be brought today.

‘I’m going to be your support worker for a while,’ Harry continued. ‘I don’t know for how long exactly though, but I’m going to try my hardest to make you better. Is that okay?’

Harry looked into Louis’ eyes and when the younger boy got no response, Harry just sighed, got up and walked towards the bathroom.

‘I’ll be back in a minute,’ Harry said over his shoulder.

Once he had relieved himself, he walked back into the room to find it still dead silent. He had no idea how he was going to get Louis to talk to him. Usually his patients would be excited to speak to him and get to know him, but Louis was far beyond that and maybe his condition was much worse. This made Harry afraid because he just wanted to help Louis and he was getting no where near that.

He sat himself back down on the chair beside Louis’ hand and tried to get a reaction out of Louis by smiling at him. 

Louis didn’t do as much but close his eyes and Harry just stared as he breathed out softly. He had absolutely no idea how he was going to do this. Usually, he wouldn’t be stuck on helping his patients, but with Louis, it was - for some very strange reason - really difficult for him to handle.

‘Louis, if you wanted to go to sleep, you can tell me,’ Harry said. Louis opened his eyes slowly and stared deeply into Harry’s emerald orbs, making Harry squirm in his seat from the intense gaze he was receiving.

Harry had almost thought he saw a small smile on Louis’ face, but he was distracted as Louis let out a very soft sigh and closed his eyes again.

Harry leaned into the soft cushions of the seat and stared at the boy, his mind tracing off until a very loud, high-pitched scream snapped him out of his daydream. 

At first he didn’t know what was making the noise, but then realised he was staring at what was making the noise. 

‘Holy shit!’ he swore loudly.

He slowly approached the bed and gently tried shaking Louis out of his trance, but it wasn’t working as Louis’ scream got loudly and louder, constant shouts of, ‘No! Mum! Mum! NO!’ vibrating off the walls of the clinic, inviting other patients and nurses from down the hall to come inside to look at what was going on. They all parted their ways when Preston and Lyla came bustling in, frantic looks on their faces. Lyla approached the bed with a syringe in her hand and quickly stabbed it into the Louis’ bicep. The screams faded out as Louis fell from all consciousness again, completely oblivious to what had happened and what he had done.

Harry sighed and slumped back down onto the seats.

‘Had a panic attack,’ Lyla explained as Preston ushered the other patients and nurses out, telling them that Louis was fine and he just needed further rest. ‘What was he shouting?’ She turned to Harry.

‘No! Mum! Mum! NO!’ Harry recited.

Lyla nodded in understanding.

‘The panic attack must have been from his accident. It’s certain that he was reliving the incident and was calling for his mum,’ she said. ‘Don’t worry, he’ll get better. You just need to help him. What I just put into him will keep him out for a few more hours and maybe after then he’ll be talking to you. Just go easy on him, okay, Harry? It’s tough for him as well as for you.’

And with that she left the room, returning Preston’s tight-lipped smile with a small one of her own.

‘I did not expect this to be so hard,’ Harry said when Preston finally sat beside him.

‘Do you want me to hand him over to another person?’ Preston asked.

Harry stayed silent for a moment.

This would be easier, wouldn’t it? If Preston handed him over to someone else that would be able to deal with him far better than he was right now, he wouldn’t have to face it and try to figure everything out.

But deep inside Harry there was something telling him not to let him switch support workers and Harry being his support worker would turn out much better than it was now. So, Harry looked to Preston and slowly shook his head.

‘No, he’s mine to help,’ Harry said. Preston arched a brow. ‘I feel he’s my responsibility now, even if I haven’t done anything to help out. I’m going to be here to help him and try my hardest. No, don’t switch him over to someone else. He’s mine now.’

The room was eerily silent; Harry and Preston were just watching the unconscious man before them, watching his chest heave up and down calmly.

After a few moments, Preston got up and clapped Harry on the back.

‘All right, Harry,’ he said. ‘If that’s what you want.’

He left the room, leaving Harry with his thoughts on the older boy once again. 


Harry didn’t know when he had fallen asleep and for how long, but a shove in the shoulder had woken him up. 

He looked up with tired, emerald eyes to come face to face with Lyla again.

‘Sorry, Harry, for waking you up.’ She cast her gaze to the open eyed face of Louis. ‘He was watching you when I came in to check on him. Thought something had happened when it was all quiet. He asked me to wake you, actually.’

Harry sat up straight, taking in what she said.

Louis had asked Lyla to wake him?

He talked? 

This got Harry a little excited, so he nodded his head as a way of saying thank you and Lyla patted him softly on the shoulder again, before leaving the room.

Louis had a small smile on his face when he noticed Harry looking at him.

‘So, Louis, new change, huh?’ Harry asked.

Louis’ facial expression changed to confusion.

‘As in, you talked?’ Harry quickly said.

Louis smiled again, searching Harry's face with his eyes, taking in every emotion and expression and every flaw.

‘Are you going to talk to me?’

Louis locked gazes with Harry now and tried to nod, but couldn't move his head. Harry seemed to understand because he got up from the seat, walked behind it and dragged it closer to the hospital bed.

‘We'll work on you moving tomorrow, Louis. Right now, I want to hear you speak. Is that okay?’ Harry asked, voice softening as he moved in closer in case Louis whispered.

‘Let's start off with you,’ Harry suggested. ‘What do you like?’

It was silent for a few minutes and Harry thought that Louis wasn't going to speak at all, when a very soft but sweet voice broke the silence.

‘I like singing.’

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